Top 30 Interview Questions about Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Dec 20,2022

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【Summary】The first thing you need to do when creating your Solidity file is define a class. To avoid compilation errors caused by incompatibility of different Solidity versions, you must declare their version numbers first.

Preparing for an Ethereum interview is an important first step to becoming an Ethereum expert!
Prepare for the Ethereum interview,

Is an important first step to becoming an Ethereum expert!

If you're looking for help preparing for your Ethereum and smart Contract course interview questions, you've come to the right place.

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Ethereum and Smart Contract Interview 30 questions

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/ 01 /

How much do you know about the Ethereum network?

Ethereum operates as a blockchain platform under the Ethereum Foundation. Rather than running on a single computer, the Ethereum platform is an open-source software platform that uses blockchain technology.

In addition, you can use it to build decentralized applications on top of the Ethereum blockchain that can be monitored by thousands of peers without relying on a centralized entity.

/ 02 /

Can you define a value token for Ethereum?

Ether is the value token of Ethereum.

/ 03 /

What is the typical block size and block time in Ethereum?

Ethereum takes about 10-15 seconds to form a new block, which has a block size of about 30-50 kb.

/ 04 /

Define smart contracts.

The smart contract automatically executes the digital contract if the parties meet their predefined rules. As such, it uses blockchain technology to facilitate, enforce and enforce protocols.

(You can learn more about smart contracts with the tried-and-true smart Contract Blockchain course).

/ 05 /

Are there any legal standards for smart contracts?

Smart contracts lack legal standards that enable government agencies to test and verify their accuracy. However, the parties to the contract do not need to trust each other because the user cannot manipulate the smart contract. If the condition is not met, it automatically drops the transaction request.

/ 06 /

What else do you know about the Ether token?

In terms of popularity, Ether, the native encryption token of the Ethereum blockchain, is the second most widely known encryption token after Bit. In other words, ether is an important source of energy for running Ethereum's distributed application platform.

/ 07 /

How much do you know about Ethereum nodes?

Ethereum nodes interact with each other with the help of the Ethereum blockchain protocol. To the outside world, they interact using a JSON-RPC interface.

/ 08 /

How is the Ethereum course different from Ripple?

Ripple's main goal is to eliminate the habitual friction caused by currency exchange rates for real-time global payments. However, the Ethereum course aspires to expand the use of blockchain technology through the use of smart contracts. As a result, decentralized applications and smart contracts can be developed and run without interference, fraud, or outside influence.

In contrast to Ethereum's proof-of-state (PoS) consensus mechanism, Ripple uses a mechanism called the Federated Byzantine Protocol (FBA).

/ 09 /

Where is Ethereum being traded?

Ethereum maintains a public ledger that records data on all transactions.

/ 10 /

What is EVM?

To run the script, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) uses a common node network. In addition, the sandbox environment is used to run the EVM, keeping it separate from the rest of the network. This is an ideal testing environment.

/ 11 /

What's the difference between Ethereum blockchain and Bitcoin?

Bitt was created with the goal of providing an alternative to national currencies. The Ethereum platform, on the other hand, was introduced to facilitate programmatic, immutable contracts and applications by using its own currency, ETH.

Also, Ethereum transactions are completed in seconds, but bit-transactions take minutes. At the same time, the Ethereum platform is a ledger technology that businesses use to build new programs and decentralized applications, and bits are just a cryptographic token.

Thus, the Ethereum blockchain is also the more durable of the two technologies.

/ 12 /

How do I establish connections to nodes?

A node is a computer that is part of a network and is responsible for performing transactional tasks. Therefore, nodes can be accessed through WS-RPC, JSON-RPC, or IPC-RPC.

/ 13 /

Can users hide transactions?

No. Users cannot hide transactions, and in fact all transactions are publicly visible.

/ 14 /

What does the consensus algorithm do?

The blockchain's consensus mechanism ensures that multiple parties agree on the credibility of the transaction data provided and decide who can add new blocks of transactions. In addition, it prevents users from making any unauthorized changes.

/ 15 /

Explain in detail how the PoW Consensus works.

The PoW consensus focuses on solving complex mathematical problems and making as many predictions as possible as early as possible. As a result, this requires a lot of computing power, and miners can improve their profitability by adopting more efficient mining equipment.

In addition, pools compete with each other to see who can first estimate the maximum possible hash number for a given block using this form of consensus process.

So when miners discover a solution, they share it with the rest of the network and are rewarded with encrypted tokens.

/ 16 /

What is the meaning of the account nonce in the Ethereum platform?

An account random number determines the transaction counter for each account. It can eliminate replay attacks.

/ 17 /

What is the best way to obtain Aether?

There are two ways to do this: pledge them for interest or exchange them for some other digital token.

/ 18 /

Which programming languages are best for creating smart contracts and decentralized applications?

Solidity, as the preferred programming language, is widely used for writing smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps).

Solidity is a must learn language if you want to become a smart contract developer. You should join the Smart Contract Developer course).

/ 19 /

What does dApps mean?

There are digital applications called "dApps" that run on a computer's peer-to-peer (P2P) network, rather than on a central server.

/ 20 /

What kind of consensus does the Ethereum platform use?

The Ethereum consensus approach has changed from proof of work (PoW) to proof of state (PoS).

/ 21 /

Describe the truffle.

It is a free open source platform for developing and managing DApps and smart contracts. As such, it is widely considered to be the best framework for Ethereum developer professionals.

/ 22 /

Explain what PoS is.

PoS is a consensus approach to address the major shortcomings of the PoW protocol. Using this method, the network validates each new block before adding it to the blockchain.

In contrast to PoW, in PoS, miners can participate in the mining process by pledging their tokens. With minimal equipment and software, users can earn rewards by mining.

So the more tokens miners have, the more likely they are to influence consensus. This means that only the richest can manage the network.

/ 23 /

What is the Ethereum blockchain Wallet and how do I get it?

Users can connect to their Ethereum account by using the Ethereum Wallet. Therefore, you need a wallet to hold the aether before you can start trading.

/ 24 /

Can you name any known wallets to hold ETH?

Metamask is one of the best Ethereum wallets out there. It is easy to store, send, and receive ETH and ERC20.

/ 25 /

How well do you know the Ethereum blockchain hardware wallet?

If you are looking for high security, consider using this wallet. It stores the private keys on the physical chip, so they are more secure. In addition, to protect your encrypted tokens from cyber attacks and hackers, these wallets do not require an Internet connection.

/ 26 /

How do you classify the Ethereum network?

Here are all three:

A blockchain network that is not publicly accessible,

Ethereum's test network, or "TestNet,"

One of the main networks

/ 27 /

What blockchain-based smart contracts are out there?






/ 28 /

What is the first name you need to define when creating a Solidity file?

The first thing you need to do when creating your Solidity file is define a class. To avoid compilation errors caused by incompatibility of different Solidity versions, you must declare their version numbers first.

/ 29 /

What is the relationship between wei and Ether?

1 ETH can generate 1018 Wie.

/ 30 /

What variables affect the amount of gas used during the transaction?

The amount of storage and smart contract instructions determine the value of the gas that should be used to execute the transaction.

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